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Tugu Raja Silahisabungan Form Danau Toba View

A legend at past,  a man was came from high land Toba, a Lumban Gorat village at Balige, comes at Pakpak Dairi’s forest. The man did not knews before that the forest were Pakpak chief’s hunting area, on batak legend usually alias naming The Perultep King. That man is Silahisabungan. After Silahisabugan knew, The Parultop King can’t doing anything but awe with Silahisabungan’s greatness supernatural. Even, The Parultop King offers silahisabungan to marry his daughter, then named Pingganmatio Padangbatangari. Silahisabungan takes the offer of the Perultep King. Silahisabungan got married Pingganmatio Padangbatangiari and had 7 son dan a daughter. From top to bottom, the 7 son is : Lohoraja, Tungkirraja, Sondiraja, Butarraja, Dabariba, Debangraja, and Baturaja. A Silahisabungan daughter’s is Deang Namora. Deang Namora not get married till her die. After Silahisabungan and Pingganmatio Padangbatangari got married, the forest where stayed by them was named the Lahisabunagn forest. Silahisabungan build a village for all his clan was named Huta Lahi.

Silahisabungan was known by peoples as a man that having top supranatural, so he was known as a medicine man too. Silahisabungan often went to one village and to another village. Many peoples sick and healed by him. One day, Silahisabungan arrive at Sibisa Porsea, Nairasaon’s country. Raja Nairasaon hearing about Silahisabungan’s arrival to his village. So, Raja Nairasaon invite Silahisabungan come to his house caused he have a sicking daughter, Siboru Nailing Nairasoan. Silahisabungan came to see her and Silahisabungan told an agreement with Raja Nairasaon that if he can healing Siboru Nailing ,so, she must be married by Silahisabungan, and Raja Naisarason agree. So, when Siboru Nailing healed by Silahisabungan, then they got married. But Silahisabungan stay at Sibisa only a while. When Siboru Nailing pregnant and a problem happening on Raja Nairasaon’s family. Soon, after Siboru Nailing foal, then, Silahisabungan carry his baby to leave Sibisa Porsea to Huta Lahi. Later, his baby named Tambunraja, as the eighth son of Silahisabungan.

On that era , peoples had not use marga as identity of a clan , as like as batak’s culture generally on this time, just name or nick name. But after this generations, peoples use a marga for explain came from their clan. In the community Silahisabungan’s clan, that was explained by their Tarombo at Tugu Makam Raja Silahisabungan at Silalahi Nabolak: (1) Generation of Lohoraja use marga Silaholo. (2) Generation of Tungkirraja use marga Situngkir, Sipangkar and Sipayung.(3) Generation of Sondiraja use marga Rumasondi, Rumasingap, Silalahi, Sinabutar, Sinagiro, Sinabang, Maha (?), Doloksaribu, Sinurat, Naiborhu, Nadapdap.(4) Generatin of Butarraja use marga Sidabutar. (5) Generation of Dabaribaraja use marga Sidabariba. (6) Generation of Debangraja use marga Sidebang. (7) Generatin of Baturaja use marga Pintubatu, Sigiro. (8) Generation of Tambunraja alias Raja Tambun alias Raja Itano use marga Tambun, Tambunan and Daulay too.
( ** Philipe Hoga NS )


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